Easier Derivatives Evaluation

Immediately obtain outcome of evaluation by drawing rewards with Ares’s Visualization Pricing Tool. See, it’s so simple!

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Simpler Evaluation Process

Set Parameter

What do you want to evaluate? Option, optional strategy, or Target Redemption Forward (TRF)? First, input basic parameters of products and settlement of products duration.

Obtain Market Information

Evaluate market information either by assigning date or by importing market information source.

Draw Scenario of Profits and Losses

The condition of profit and loss is reward situation. With visualization and instinct drawing, remembering language for specific programming languages is not necessary.

Obtain Evaluation Result

Finished? Click on “Simulate” now and immediately get the evaluation result!

Set Product Parameter

The tool provides products with Foreign Exchange Option (FX Option), optional strategy and Target Redemption Forward (TRF), or products with optional combination. Only principal of products and settlement of product duration are needed for inputs.

Obtain Market Information

Search exchange rate, interest rate, and volatility based on currency set offered by product parameter. No information found? Don’t worry. Drag the files into the import frame, market information coming from where you obtain could be uploaded.

Draw Profit-and-Loss Scenario

Click on graphic area for diagram of profits and losses, and it automatically takes profits and losses apart for proper option. Modify the table, and you can update the diagram.


Obtain Evaluation Result

Complete setting and click “Simulate” button for result of evaluation. Need advanced configuration? Click “Configuration of Simulation Parameter”

Result of Evaluation

Simulation Route

Daily Route Settlement

Product Benefit



  • (Know Your Product):Thorough understand product price and risk.


  • Instinctive drawing and parameter setting. No need to learn specific tooling languages.
  • Shorten process for financial product lifecycle from development, upload to sales.


  • Repeatedly edit template of products and fast support promotion and creation for Treasury Marketing Unit (TMU) products
  • Morphological drawing and breakdown logistic generation. Automatically integrate into transaction system and generate contract of products.

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